Abigail Stender

Meet Abigail Stender

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Abigail Stender

Sr. Reporting and Facilities Coordinator
WinterWyman Corporate


New York 212.616.3575 | Boston 617.880.3219



A Little About Me

The one piece of advice I always give to employers or job seekers is: 

Present the best version of yourself in an interview. Don’t try to be someone who you are not, but make sure you are representing your brand in the best light possible.

The biggest mistake I see employers or job seekers make is: 

Many job seekers who are making a change to a different industry don’t know how to translate their experience. They don’t know what to put on their résumé and feel lost talking about previous experience in their interview. Don’t forget: every job has taught you lessons and you have learned skills that are applicable to a variety of careers!

The favorite part of my job is: 

I really enjoy the people I work with and the collaborative environment. We all have our own work to focus in on, but we want everyone to succeed!

My personal interests are: 

Buffalo Bills fan, zombie movie enthusiast, Apollo-era NASA expert, bacon fanatic, mildly outdoorsy, Corgi obsessed, running novice and  total foodie.